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Why Do People Choose Valley?

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A Forty Year History

Fire Sprinklers, Installation, Maintenance, Design, Testing

Valley has been in the fire protection industry since the early 1970s and has never forfeited a bond or failed to complete a job under contract. Delivering value designed fire protection solutions that will stand the test of time is the essence of Valley. In addition to installation and maintenance, Valley provides fire protection system inspection and certification services by qualified experts.

A Tradition of Excellence

Fire Sprinklers, Installation, Maintenance, Design, Testing

Valley provides fire protection systems and services for industrial, commercial, residential and special hazard facilities in the Chicago metropolitan area. We are OSHA certified and have earned one of the finest safety performance records in our industry.

Deep Expertise in Fire Protection

Fire Sprinklers, Installation, Maintenance, Design, Testing

We have an experienced organization with strong technical expertise in all fire protection applications and technologies.  Our management team has enjoyed a fine relationship with all of the local fire departments, which extends some 90+ years spanning three generations of contracting excellence.  Further, our experienced project managers, designers, and installers are truly committed to achieving total client satisfaction.

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