Siemens Distributor

Special Hazards

As a result of our long term, mutually beneficial relationship, Siemens – one of the largest electronic and engineering companies in the world – has asked Valley Fire to be one of two Chicagoland distributors for its Sinorix™ Intelligent Fire Suppression Systems. Sinorix, Siemens’ brand name for a product manufactured by DuPont called FM200, is a clean agent (gas) fire suppression system developed in the late 1980s to replace Halon 1301. Compared to Halon 1301, FM200 is less harmful to the environment and non-toxic to humans. There are a number of other FM200 gas systems on the market that are sold under the following trade names:

  • Pyrochem
  • Chemetron
  • Kidde
  • Fike
  • Fenwal

FM200 extinguishes a fire through heat absorption and the release of a small amount of free radicals that inhibit the chain reaction responsible for combustion. It will not damage delicate equipment, which is vital for facilities that cannot afford a fire-related interruption or the loss of data that can result from the activation of a water-based fire sprinkler system. FM200 is stored in cylinders and delivered through a network of piping to distribution nozzles. When smoke detectors detect a fire, the control panel sounds an alarm, shuts down air handlers and disconnects power from the protected equipment. Once these processes have been completed, the system releases the agent for suppression.

 The target uses for FM200 include electronic and data processing centers, art and historical collections (museums), recording/storage facilities and pharmaceutical/medical facilities. In short, FM200 is perfect for any facility where water damage must be avoided entirely. Valley Fire Protection Systems has installed FM200 systems at CITGO, CN Railway, Will County Detention Facility, Mid America Bank and multiple other sites. Many office spaces now look to have their IT/computer server rooms protected by an FM200 System.