Cold Storage

 Cold Storage Fire Safety

Installation of fire sprinkler systems for cold storage facilities is key to keeping your employees, products, and investment safe. Valley fire is trained to assess the fire protection needs of new cold storage developments as well as older retrofits.

A fire protection system that can isolate a fire to the area in which it started is crucial to saving products and lives. As members of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, we understand the complexities of building a system for a new cold storage facility or retrofitting an existing cold storage building.

Whether you are building a new cold storage warehouse or a small cold storage area or unit, we are ready to protect it and the people working in it.

Valley Fire Protection is Quell certified! Quell cold storage sprinkler solutions provide improved coverage without in-rack sprinklers, reducing complexity and eliminating potential impact problems.

For more information about how a Quell solution can benefit you, contact us HERE!

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