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24/7 Emergency Plumbing

Let’s face it — the majority of the time homeowners call upon a plumber, it’s in an emergency situation. There’s never really a convenient time for a pipe to burst, a drain to clog or a toilet to malfunction.

Fortunately, at VFP Plumbing we understand that these dire situations require immediate assistance and we’re committed to providing emergency services. Our customers know that just because they are having an emergency, they don’t deserve to be charged an arm and a leg for our services. Our reasonable rates are just one reason Chicagoland residents rely on us for emergency services.

Emergency plumber in Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage counties

While some plumbing problems are nothing more than an annoyance, some become totally disrupting to you daily life and might even threaten the well-being of your property. Residents of Kane, Kendall, Cook and DuPage Counties can rely on VFP Plumbing to attend to any plumbing matter, whether it merely presents an inconvenience or qualifies as a full-on emergency.

Fast and effective emergency plumbing services 24/7

When an emergency situation strikes, it’s important to call an emergency plumber that can cover all the bases. Some of the most common plumbing emergencies include:

Broken water line
Lack of hot water
Sewer system backup
Low water pressure
Severely clogged drain
Clogged toilets
Leaking appliance hoses
Clogged sinks
Leaking or malfunctioning water heater
Discolored and smelly water
Sump pump or ejector pump failure

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What might be an inconvenience to one person could be an emergency situation to another, but at VFP Plumbing, we don’t judge. When you call, we come to assist, regardless of the perceived severity of the situation.

You can rely on us for all your plumbing needs.
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Whether you need water heater inspection, repair, installation or maintenance, our licensed plumbers can help you!

Emergency sump and ejector pumps services

Once a sump pump or ejector pump fails, you’re at serious risk of flooding, which leads to property damage and potential health risks. If you have an ejector pump that you rely on for pushing out wastewater, failure means that you’re not going to be able to use toilets, washing machines or sinks that are tied to that pump. This means you need immediate assistance to get it repaired or replaced.

At Old World Plumbing, we have installed many battery backup systems for sump pumps, because when the power goes out during a big rain storm, you need your sump pump to remain active and doing its job to remove water from your subgrade rooms.

Sump Pump Service

Your pump emergency might be related to any of the following:

Incorrect pump size
Defective parts
Improper pump installation
Lack of maintenance
Power failure
Faulty switches
Frozen discharge pipes
Clogged discharge lines

Regardless of the problem, VFP Plumbing has the expertise to get you back online.

Emergency plumber for your water heater problems

Hard water, age, improper installation and faulty parts can all bring your water heater to its proverbial knees. Most often, you’ll notice that your hot water isn’t as abundant as it once was — or that you simply do not have any. Perhaps you’ve noticed a funky smell and discoloration to your hot water? These are signs that it’s time to call VFP Plumbing.

Any number of things can go wrong with a water heater, such as a faulty valve, malfunctioning gas lines (for the gas units), failed heating elements (for the electric units), bad switches, rusting tank, leaking tank, etc. Regardless of your water heater emergency, VFP Plumbing can assist.

Sewer and drain emergency plumbing services

One of the most common emergencies that plumbers are called for is in relation to sewer and drain malfunctions. While these are mostly out of sight and out of mind, once the water fails to drain as it always has or if sewer gas suddenly creeps into the house, residents are suddenly reminded of how integral these components are to a functioning plumbing system.

Basement Sink Repairs
VFP Plumbing offers rodding, jet rodding and a number of other services to diagnose and take care of sewer and drain issues.

Plumber for emergency piping repair and services

A burst or leaking pipe can flood a home with hundreds of gallons of water over a 24-hour period. Whether it’s caused by years of mineral debris lining the inside of the pipes or frigid winter temperatures causing water to freeze and damage the pipes, Old World plumbing has the expertise to offer top-notch piping repair services.

We will insulate those pipes that susceptible to freezing, thaw pipes that are already frozen, repair pipes in a variety of materials or completely replace old pipes – we’ve got all the emergency piping repair and replacement services you need.

24-hour plumber for your basement, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and toilet plumbing needs

Plumbing emergencies don’t always happen during the waking hours or on regular work days. At VFP Plumbing, we know that an emergency can strike at any moment in the basement, bathroom, kitchen, and in the laundry room. Wherever your emergency occurs, we have a comprehensive list of services for any emergency, regardless of the time of day.

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