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There is often little or no warning prior to an emergency plumbing or fire system event. Unfortunately, there is also no “convenient” time for one of these mishaps to occur. When something goes wrong it’s vitally important that it be addressed immediately.

At Valley Fire Protection, we’re ready to work with companies in all types of industries on their fire protection services. Whether your system is in a church, apartment or condo building, educational facility, healthcare, governmental, single-family home or a warehouse, our emergency services solutions are a perfect match for you.

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“I have been using Valley Fire Protection for a very long time. Throughout the years Valley has evolved into a full service, one stop provider of quality fire/life/safety services. They have been with me during normal business hours and have also provided emergency services in the middle of the night. It has become very easy for me to rely on Valley, they are a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, committed to providing a superior level of service.”


24/7/365 Support

It’s important to have your plumbing and fire protection systems running efficiently all day, every day. Make YOUR emergency OUR emergency!

Every call we receive is an opportunity for us to prove how prepared we are, regardless of the hour. If your property is located anywhere in the Chicagoland or Northern Indiana areas, call us day or night, weekday or holiday, and let our licensed, insured and readily available technicians fix your plumbing or fire protection emergency TODAY!

Professional Service

You can count on prompt, professional plumbing and fire protection services with Valley Fire. Because problems aren’t going to wait for a convenient time to strike, we make sure that every hour is a convenient time to reach out to us and request emergency services.

Our professional technicians will rush to your location and address your needs, small or large, to make sure your systems are flowing correctly and that your fire protection system is ready to jump into action should a fire occur.

Dedicated Plumbing Division

Several years ago, Valley Fire Protection announced the formation of its Emergency Plumbing division, which ensures that all our clients can rely on a single trusted vendor for all of their plumbing needs, including middle of the night, weekend and holiday emergencies.

Our Emergency Plumbing division provides an end-to-end solution for the greater Chicago area. While our focus and our reputation have been built around fire protection and suppression systems in residential, commercial, industrial and special hazard facilities, our Emergency Plumbing division provides the latest plumbing innovation solutions for clients seeking plumbing services.

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