Employee Fire Safety – Do They Know What to Do if There is a Fire?

Employee fire safety is an important part of a business’s safety procedures. Of course, there are automatic fire protection systems in place on your property, but do your employees know what to do when they are alerted to a fire? Fire alarms will notify the occupants of the fire, and the sprinkler system will work to control it. These will give employees and occupants the time they need to evacuate. Have an employee fire safety plan to ensure they safely exit the building and no one panics.

Fire Alarm Systems

If you are in a building that requires manual pull stations, employee fire safety training should show them how to use them. If you detect a fire before the alarm system does, use the pull station to alert everyone quickly. The alarms notify occupants in several ways, including strobe lights, sirens, recorded messages, or other audible signals. Messages should direct occupants to exit through the nearest emergency exit.

Know What to Do

When the alarm is triggered, it is time to call 911. Assign someone to call emergency services in an emergency to eliminate confusion. In some cases, staff can put out small fires using fire extinguishers only if they feel it is safe to do so. It is a good idea for employee fire safety training to show how to use fire extinguishers and their location.


Additionally, employee fire safety means ensuring that all employees calmly and safely exit the building when they hear the alarms. Tell them not to bring anything with them. Let them know to follow escape routes and look for emergency exits indicated with lit signs. Instruct employees ahead of time on a designated meeting space for everyone to gather outside the building. Moreover, it should be easy to find and well out of danger. Be sure to account for employees with disabilities. When everyone has evacuated, have a designated person take a headcount. Never under any circumstances re-enter the building. If you suspect someone is still inside, inform emergency services when they arrive.

Your fire protection systems play a key role in employee fire safety. Ensure they are in the best shape possible to protect you. Call Valley Fire Protection & Plumbing to service your sprinkler system.

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