Fall Fire Safety

By: Matt Clegg

As the summer heat dissipates and we transition into a cooler season, keep a few fall fire safety tips in mind. It does not hurt to refresh your memory (or your family and employee’s memories) on a few fall fire safety precautions.


While some of us are not ready to switch the heat on or light the fireplace just yet, that season is right around the corner. As part of your fall fire safety checklist, it is a good idea to have your fireplace and chimney inspected every year. Do this in the fall before prime fireplace season starts. Have the soot in your chimney cleaned every year and make any repairs you need before you light the first fire of the season. Remember, do not leave the house unless the embers have completely cooled. Always keep a screen or grate around the fireplace to keep the logs from rolling.


When you do need to kick the heat on, remember the dangers of space heaters. Keep a bubble of 3ft around it clear; this includes furniture and fabrics on drapes or clothing. Do not leave your space heater unattended. Checking to make sure your central heating works correctly should also be included on your fall fire safety checklist. If you do not have one already, you should have a carbon monoxide detector in your home.


It is much safer to use battery-operated candles or flashlights in jack-o-lanterns and other decorations. If you must use real candles, ensure they are away from flammable materials and are not left unattended or forgotten. Make sure other decorations like string lights have a good safety rating and are not a risk for electrical fire or made with flammable materials. Fall fire safety includes being wary of your favorite fall-scented candles as well. Keep them out of reach of children and pets and blow them out when you leave the room.

Outdoor Safety

Fall is the perfect time for bonfires! However, you should check your local burning regulations. Burning leaves and yard waste is illegal in many areas. Make a habit of clearing leaves and twigs from the yard and disposing of them according to local regulations. After using the lawnmower for the last time before winter, be sure to remove the fuel.

Enjoy fall but remember to be safe! Keep a few of these fall fire safety tips in mind when you heat your home, decorate, or do any fall outdoor activities. Do you need service for your property’s fire protection system or a system installed? Call Valley Fire Protection to set up your service or get a quote today!

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By: Matt Clegg
As an executive at Valley Fire Protection, Matt’s desire is to provide the best fire protection and engineering experience for Valley Fire customers. By thinking outside the box, and by educating and equipping clients with the information they need to help them properly protect their buildings, Matt and his team have contributed to a long list of successful projects.


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