Valley Fire Protection Services

The Fire Pump

Protecting Your Building From Fire

When a municipal water system can’t provide sufficient pressure to a fire protection system, fire pumps are needed. At Valley Fire, we know the importance of these pumps in protecting your building and everything in it.

Designed to Increase Water Pressure

Many municipal water systems can’t provide sufficient pressure to meet the hydraulic design requirements of a fire sprinkler system, so fire pumps are installed. Most high-rise buildings require the increased water pressure that these pumps provide. Also, facilities with relatively high terminal pressure needs are outfitted with pumps to increase water pressure.

Our expert team of design-and-build technicians are highly qualified to build customized fire pump solutions. Every building presents its own set of challenges. When Valley Fire takes on a project, our design-and-build approach minimizes potential obstacles and increases water pressure for your fire protection system.

Valley Fire professionals have extensive knowledge in a variety of pumps, including horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical inline, vertical turbine and end suction. We determine which will be the best fit based on the needs of each unique facility.

“On behalf of the Batavia Fire Department, I would like to thank you for donating the pipe used to fix the fire pump on our squad. It was very generous of you to give us these materials at no cost and we really appreciate it.”

Randy Deicke

Fire Chief, Batavia Fire Department

&Fire pump installation

When Valley Fire installs fire pumps, our clients know that they will provide the pressure required for optimal fire protection system operation. After installation, we continue to add value through expert maintenance and servicing to fix potential problems before they happen. This proactive approach prevents breakdowns and helps to save on costly repairs.

We follow NFPA 20, the standard for installation of stationary pumps for fire protection services. NFPA 20 provides stringent rules for the installation of pumps, ensuring that a system will work as intended.

Fire pump repair & maintenance

Routine maintenance can uncover problems that require repairs, proactively pinpointing issues with a fire pump system before it is too late. Valley Fire repair and maintenance professionals will pinpoint where a problem exists and make the necessary adjustments, repairs or replacement of any aspect of the pump system. With the right tools and extensive knowledge of every detail of the system, we avoid downtime and improve the overall performance of a system.

Keep your building safe & code-compliant

Proper fire system service in commercial and residential buildings ensures that occupants as well as all valuables are protected in the event of fire.

At Valley Fire, we keep your building safe and code compliant with a comprehensive list of fire protection services. Ask to see references from our clients and learn why we are a perfect fit for all of your fire pump needs.

Not Feeling the Pressure?

If your fire systems don’t have enough pressure to perform at maximum efficiency, your building, contents and personnel are all at risk. Let us perform a test to confirm that your systems are working as designed.

If we find an issue, we have the expertise to fix it the right way. If the systems perform as expected, you gain the peace of mind of knowing for sure.

We’re here to work with you as a valued partner to make your environment safe and secure.