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Fire Sprinkler Repairs

To have all the assurances you need to safeguard your property from fire, a sprinkler system is the go-to solution. The right system built to your specifications and installed properly in your unique property will respond quickly and effectively to any fire emergency. However, without proper fire sprinkler repairs and maintenance, it’s not going to perform optimally.

Signs you need a sprinkler system repair

No matter how magnificent your fire sprinkler system is, at some point in its life it will experience corrosion, which leads to leaks. There are actually a number of things that can happen to a system that will compromise its ability to work effectively, so let’s go over a few things that you can look for that send up a red flag that you need repairs.

  • Equipment failure

    In some cases, it’s not age that brings down a system – it’s human error. For example, an O-ring used in some specific brands of systems was recalled in 2001, and for those that weren’t replaced, the system could be compromised. An improperly installed system will also lead to equipment failure, as will a system that wasn’t designed correctly. Finally, if you haven’t had your system on a regular inspection schedule, it will be prone to equipment failure.

  • Visible leaks

    A visible leak is an undeniable sign that you need to call in a professional to make repairs immediately. A leak can occur for any number of reasons, from defective equipment to collisions that lead to damage, corroded pipes, faulty seals, fittings that are too tight – you name an issue and it can result in a leak.

  • Loose or broken sprinklers

    Whether it’s a random vandal or an accident, sprinklers are often broken or handled in such a way that they become loose. Regular maintenance will allow you to spot these loose or broken sprinklers and have them repaired or replaced before a fire emergency occurs.

  • Tripped alarm

    Have you ever noticed that when your fire sprinkler contractor does routine maintenance, they inject air into the pipes? This is an important step to ensuring there are no broken pipes, but sometimes, the air becomes trapped and will trip false alarms. This is another sign that you need to contact your contractor immediately to have that repaired.

  • Corrosion

    We can’t survive without oxygen, and neither can fires, but oxygen is the culprit that leads to corrosion of various aspects of your fire sprinkler system. When you see discolored water, often a rust color, or get a whiff of something that smells like rotten eggs, that could be corrosion in your system that leads to messy leaks. Call in a professional and have the problem areas repaired before it takes down your entire system.

Fire sprinkler system repair services

Most national safety codes require that commercial and municipal buildings be outfitted with working fire sprinkler systems. The buildings, and more importantly the inhabitants, must be protected. However, a system that is not properly maintained is at risk of not working properly when it is called upon. A quality contractor will have the experience necessary to do the following:

  • Fire sprinkler leak repair

    A sprinkler leak must first be diagnosed, usually through a visual inspection. A determination can be made as to the source of the leak. In some cases, it’s water dripping down from an overhead pipe that will require fixing. In others, it’s the head itself.

  • Broken sprinkler repair or replacement

    If it is determined that the sprinkler is leaking, a qualified contractor will determine how extensive the damage to the sprinkler is and either repair the broken or corroded parts or replace the entire sprinkler.

  • Fire suppression system repairs

    Suppression systems utilize wet and dry chemicals to suppress a fire. There are many varieties that utilize different mechanisms and will be built specifically to fit a structure and the type of materials within it. Having a wide knowledge base to make repairs on these systems is vital.

  • Fire sprinkler mechanical repairs

    No mechanical problem can go unattended for long, as this means your system is not up to code. It also means that you stand the chance of going unprotected in the event of a fire. From valves to fire hydrants to standpipes and fire pumps – all have mechanical parts that need to be on a routine maintenance program.

At Valley Fire Protection, we have many years of experience with a vast array of systems, repairing and replacing broken parts. We have the technology to detect the source of leaks, and our plumbers are certified professionals who can offer your organization the best fire sprinkler system services.

“I just wanted to say thank you to the both of you for doing your jobs as well as you do. It is a real pleasure dealing with a company with professionals such as you two. My alarm system is inspected and ready to go (on the same day as you received the contract/quote I would like to add), my sprinkler system is always taken care of without incident (no leaks or valves left open and your technician is always on time), and I still use the subcontractor I found through you guys for the extinguishers.

Again, thank you for the excellent job that you do. Be sure to let me know when you do extinguishers in house so I can contact you for a quote.”

Tim Traggardh

Site Engineer, Platt Hill Nursery

The four major types of commercial fire sprinkler systems

While there might be some similarities across the different types of sprinkler systems, they each have unique attributes that require specialized training and knowledge to repair correctly. The following are the four most common types of commercial fire sprinkler systems and repairs that are most often associated with them:

  • Wet pipe sprinkler repair

    The wet pipe sprinkler is the most common type installed in a commercial building. It is the most simplistic and reliable. The pipes are constantly pressurized with water and each individual sprinkler will activate as needed. However, should the heating system break down during the cold winter months, the water in the pipes is susceptible to freezing, which can cause damage. Also, because they are in constant contact with water, pipes and sprinklers can become corroded, requiring repair or replacement.

  • Dry pipe sprinkler repair

    Dry pipe systems are installed in areas that are not temperature controlled. For instance, in a large warehouse where goods do not need to be kept at any specific temperature it would be costly to heat that large space during cold winter months, yet the space still needs fire protection. So dry pipe system is installed, which means that water isn’t present in the pipes until it is needed, preventing them from freezing. However, temperature fluctuations have been known to cause valve issues in these systems. Furthermore, they are prone to damage in the event of collision with large moving objects, such as forklifts.

  • Pre-action sprinkler repair

    For structures containing highly valuable materials, such as fine art or highly sensitive and expensive electronics, the pre-action sprinkler system is a go-to choice. The water lines are filled with pressurized gas or air, holding water back until the system is called upon in an emergency. There are two triggers that set off this type of system, which ensures against false alarms. The electrically operated valves are part of this complex system, which must be regularly maintained if it’s going to work properly.

  • Deluge sprinkler repair

    Structures holding highly toxic or flammable materials are referred to as high-hazard occupancies, which means they need rapid suppression in the event of a fire. Massive amounts of water or foam are released all at once, knocking down a potential threat and preventing explosions or the release of toxic gasses. The valves in these systems present a unique challenge, as they are designed to be inactive for long periods. Checking every three months will ensure they will not malfunction in the event of a fire.

Regardless of what type of system you have in your commercial property, Valley Fire Protection has the experience to handle any type of repair. Contact us today and set up your regular maintenance schedule.

24-hour emergency fire sprinkler system repair

Fire sprinkler malfunctions don’t wait for a convenient time to happen. It can be in the middle of the night, over the weekend or on a holiday. Regardless of when; you need a 24-hour contractor to respond and get your fire sprinkler system back on line. At Valley Fire Protection, our emergency service vans are stocked and ready, and our experts are able to respond at any hour of any day. We’re prompt and professional, so have our emergency number ready: (630) 761-3168.

VFP: The fire sprinkler repair company in Greater Chicago and Northern Indiana

At Valley Fire Protection, we pride ourselves as a company that can diagnose any problem with your fire sprinkler system, determine the most appropriate course of action to repair or replace any part of it and properly maintaining systems so they are reliable.

We are certified, licensed and affiliated, and our fire sprinkler repair services are second to none in the Greater Chicago and Northern Indiana region. Whether your system is older or brand new, with our level of experience and attention to detail, we’re your go-to contractor for fire sprinkler system repair.

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