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Valley Fire Protection Systems is ready to address your fire protection and plumbing needs. We install and maintain fire and plumbing systems in compliance with local, state and national code requirements. We provide time-tested solutions for properties in many different industries.

** Please note that our Indiana Office currently only provides fire protection and backflow services.

Contact us at (630) 761-3168 to learn more about our fire system installation capabilities, our plumbing services, our qualifications or to get a free quote. References from our many satisfied customers are also available upon request.

Provena Cancer Care Center Project

We design, build, and install.

If you are looking for a single point of responsibility for your projects, Valley offers a complete suite of design-build and installation services.

From our state of the art design department to our expert fire protection and plumbing installers we can seamlessly meet the needs of the most demanding projects and provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Because of our singular business approach, Valley Fire has the financial resources and the organizational stability to provide the right solution, at the right price, right on time.

Valley installs plumbing and fire protection and suppression systems in all types of construction. By following a logical, systems-design approach to cover all aspects of design, installation and replacement, we are equipped to handle any new construction, system upgrade, or retrofit. Let us help you with your most complex and challenging work – the kind that other fire protection or plumbing service providers avoid.

“Not even a ceiling tile had a smudge. It was a pleasure to work with your company and I certainly look forward to working with you in the future.”

Terry Jeffers

President, Jeffers Construction Inc.


Apartment buildings are comprised of many complex systems designed to integrate and work together. It is important that your fire protection systems installer and your plumbing contractor can effectively design a solution for both systems that address the unique requirements of each. That is why we provide solutions for both disciplines.

Fire sprinkler systems protect both the tenants and the building infrastructure. Valley Fire team members have been trained to identify the fire protection needs of new apartment developments and retrofits to older buildings to ensure that the system can isolate a fire to the unit or area in which it occurs. This is crucial to saving lives and assets.

Plumbing a large building comes down to getting water to the right areas without leaks and getting rid of waste water reliably and leak free. Our pipe fitters pride themselves on delivering a fully tested leak free solution, regardless of the size of the project.

Whether you are building a high-rise tower or a small apartment building, Valley Fire is ready to protect it and the people living in it.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings offer a wide range of challenges when it comes to outfitting them for fire protection and/or plumbing systems. However, there are a few constants. Typically you must adhere to state and local fire regulations for commercial buildings. In addition, it is just good business to mitigate against loss of life or property with properly installed systems.

From multiple business retail, to large or small office buildings, to single-occupant restaurants; it is imperative for building owners to have a reliable fire protection vendor like Valley Fire Protection to maintain their property’s equipment while keeping their tenants happy.

All commercial buildings are visited by local fire inspectors one time per year to check for potential hazards relating to parking, structural issues, storage, HVAC and, of course, fire protection. If they find issues with the fire sprinkler system or fire pump, that can ecalate from a minor annoyance to a major issue for the tenants. Valley Fire can provide a detailed quote to repair these items quickly to bring the building back up to code.

Tenant turn over may require modifications to an existing space. Valley Fire Protection can quote to complete the necessary sprinkler and plumbing fixture modifications needed; when walls are moved and drop ceilings are installed, to pass your final inspection. We have a great working relationship with all local authorities and public works personnel. This helps us to expedite the review of plans and drawings, meaning your tenant can move in sooner, so you can start collecting rent and running your business sooner.


Maintaining fire systems in high-security government facilities like police stations, prisons and courthouses can be challenging. Most fire sprinkler upgrades must be completed during off-hours and in pre-planned phases.

The many cities, villages and municipalities we work closely with throughout Illinois and Indiana have expressed to us the importance of keeping costs low. Our installation and repair divisions work closely with administrators to ensure the work is completed on-time and within budget.

Many governmental properties are older, but rest assured that our union sprinkler fitters and plumbers are trained to handle all new and outdated systems. Many of these systems we installed ourselves in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Call us today to discuss your fire sprinkler and plumbing services needs.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Valley Fire Protection specializes in complex fire solutions for industrial and manufacturing facilities where common wet pipe sprinkler systems just won’t cut it. Exceptionally challenging from a fire protection standpoint, these properties often contain hazardous chemicals, explosives, combustibles, flammable liquids, toxic substances, corrosive materials or fertilizers.

In addition to early suppression fast response (ESFR) systems, we can engineer, install and service more unique fire suppression systems such as foam, chemical and clean agent systems.

These are commonly used in laboratories, museums, clean rooms, data centers, chemical plants, oil refineries and airports.

These systems require highly trained personnel and advanced equipment. Building owners must follow strict NFPA standards, which may require a pre-engineered system retrofit and installation, in order to maintain a safe work environment.

These systems can be costly to install and maintain, but Valley Fire prides ourselves on our ability to meet our clients’ specific needs while keeping costs low. Our engineering staff can evaluate the building’s use or specific hazard and make recommendations to help you stay in compliance with updated fire codes.

Protect your employees, your building, and your business with a properly engineered and installed fire protection system!


Churches, temples, cathedrals, synagogues and other places of worship are required to support many different types of use. From worship services to education, from member support to administration and from small groups to large celebrations all of these activities require varying fire protection and plumbing systems.

Core to our business is providing fire protections systems that ensure the safety of people and facilities in an unobtrusive way through the concealment of sprinkler heads and devices. We can accommodate any building where large groups of people gather for weddings, services, community events and other special occasions by designing systems that are strategically placed to handle any emergency situation.

For the same reason plumbing systems for churches are called upon for many different uses and large volumes of users. Valley Fire’s plumbing specialists are adept at designing and installing systems in these complex environments. In addition, as your needs change, we can handle those difficult retrofits and alterations with the same proficiency.


Like churches, education structures are called upon for a wide range of uses and applications. Protecting them from fire and water damage can be complex. Special hazard systems are especially common in IT rooms, computer labs, and libraries as the items contained in these areas could potentially be damaged if introduced to water.

Because of the highly fluctuating volume of people and the mobile nature of students and faculty within the space, school buildings are particularly susceptible to fire events. They also have high demand on their plumbing infrastructure, requiring regular maintenance. Changing requirements may also mean renovating existing spaces and moving fire or plumbing systems.

From daycare centers and nurseries, to high schools and college campuses, fire sprinkler systems must offer protection 24/7/365, even when no one is in class or working on campus.

Valley Fire Protection has installed fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, and special hazard systems in universities, dorms, schools, daycare centers, and nurseries all across the Midwest. In addition, our plumbing experts are highly skilled at designing, installing and maintaining complex piping environments.

It’s important for administrators to be proactive to prevent loss of life and property damage. Posting emergency evacuation plans and running fire drills periodically will ensure students, faculty members and visitors know where to go in the event of an emergency.

Healthcare & Assisted Living

When it comes to hospitals, healthcare facilities and nursing homes, the term “life safety and property protection” takes on a whole new meaning. Life safety of patients, staff and visitors requires early detection and strategic evacuation plans in the event of a fire. For critical patients, though, evacuation is not a viable option, so hospitals must work very closely with fire protection experts like Valley Fire to anticipate every scenario before it happens.

As healthcare facilities have become more sophisticated, their reliance upon computer systems, data storage and complex diagnostic equipment has made property protection a more difficult task. Specialized fire suppression systems designed to protect this equipment are needed. Once the fire systems in medical buildings are evaluated and the deficiencies documented, we can outline cost-effective improvement plans that are tailored to the needs of each facility.

Valley Fire Protection specializes in the routine maintenance and repair of all fire protection equipment, from wet and dry sprinklers to fire pumps and jockey pumps. Each component plays a critical role in fire prevention and protection.

Valley Fire adheres to all guidelines set forth by insurance carriers and governmental agencies including NFPA, IDPH, EPA and your authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).


More and more cities and counties are mandating fire sprinkler systems for single family homes. Our licensed team has mastered local codes as well as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13D, which is the standard for single-family home installation of fire sprinkler systems.

Keeping your family and home safe is our number one priority at Valley Fire. We can equip your home with a fire sprinkler system that will protect your family and your investment. Even homes with unique ceilings or interior design configurations can be fitted with a custom system.

Primary concerns of homeowners are: the cost, the appearance of sprinkler heads and the fear of a sprinkler head breaking / leaking. Sprinkler systems are not expensive and the piping is tapped into your existing water main using pipes that will be hidden behind your walls and ceilings. You won’t even know they are there.

Individual sprinklers are concealed and flush to the ceiling, so they are not obtrusive or sticking out. Thus, it’s almost impossible to break one. Only the sprinkler that experiences a certain degree of heat from the fire will activate water flow.

The advantage of an automated sprinkler system is that it works even when you are not home or you are sleeping, giving you peace of mind that your home is safe at all times.

The right fire protection and plumbing contractor

As a leader in the Chicagoland and Northern Indiana markets, our team of professional sprinkler fitters and professional plumbers have the experience to outfit any building with the best available systems.

Join our clients who rely on us for:

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Protect yourself and your property by taking care of your fire protection and plumbing systems. Contact us to learn more.

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