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Old World Plumbing is now part of VFP Plumbing. The excellent Old World Plumbing services you have come to expect are still available as part of a larger group of professional fire protection and plumbing experts.

Whatever your plumbing requirements the VFP Plumbing team are here 24/7/365 to respond to your needs. Our fleet of fully stocked trucks are distributed throughout the Chicagoland area to provide the fastest and most efficient service possible.

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Our team is comprised of professional plumbers who have the needed experience to tackle a wide variety of plumbing issues. Whether you’re dealing with a frozen or damaged line, a leaking fire or plumbing system or anything in between, VFP Plumbing services are available all day, every day.

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    It isn’t just about fixing it, it’s about fixing it fast and fixing it right! Count on VFP Plumbing to do both!

    Illinois has certified Valley Fire as compliant with state provisions, rules and regulations. We are licensed as a certified plumbing contractor. Our plumbing experts have the required skills to design, install and repair a variety of plumbing systems, including fire protection systems.

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