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Sewer & Drain Services

VFP Plumbing offers high-quality sewer & drain services using our experienced plumbing professionals who can address issues in many areas. Whether foreign objects, grease, tree roots, old age, sudden temperature changes or problems with the drain and pipes themselves cause the sewer or drain issue, we will address it with prompt and professional attention.

Our sewer and drain services include:

  • Drain, sink and toilet unclogging
  • Sewer rodding
  • Jet rodding
  • Drain and sewer repairs and replacement
  • Drain cleaning
  • Sewer clean-out installation
  • Underground water and sewer repairs
  • Video camera line inspection
  • 24-hour emergency plumbing

Have a plumbing issue? Get in touch with our professionals who are ready to face even the most challenging issues. We work 24/7 and are always ready to help you.

Drain, sink and toilet unclogging and jet rodding

Drain, sink and toilet clogs are a common, yet completely disrupting occurrence that store-bought cleaning solutions either can’t handle or only temporarily alleviate. Homes & businesses that dispose large amounts of waste typically find that their drain lines become clogged frequently.

At VFP Plumbing, we’ve take care of stubborn drain and sewer clogs with a process called rodding, which is a series of stiff yet flexible rods that are attached to each other at the desired length and run through the sewer pipe. It can sometimes be fit with a special tool that is spun with a motor to clear out stubborn clogs.

It’s not uncommon for an older property to require frequent rodding services, as the pipes are often unable to keep up with the waste flow, especially solid matter. Some properties require quarterly rodding services to guard against a buildup of materials.

Jet rodding is also a service offered by VFP Plumbing that thoroughly cleans sewer lines of built-up debris. This process involves using high-pressure water and rodding to push all debris to a manhole, where it can then be vacuumed or scooped up for disposal.

We have the equipment to jet-rod the entire length of a sewer line, completely clearing it of all debris (even on the sides of the pipes!) and restoring free and clear draining abilities without damaging the surrounding pipes.

Why do we conduct sewer camera video inspections?

One of the most valuable tools in Old World Plumbing’s arsenal is the video camera. These custom-built, waterproof cameras offer a unique look into the sewer line so that plumbers can see exactly what the issue is and determine how to address it.

Special transmitters on the camera tell the operator its exact position, totally eliminating guesswork about the sewer problem. The camera will even fit in two-inch pipes, affixed to the end of a flexible rod that navigates tight corners.

Drain line repair and replacement

The first signs of a drain line issue are often noticed via a foul smell that lingers and worsens over time. Lines are made of any number of materials, from galvanized metal to plastic, and they can all leak.

In some cases, signs of leaking will be visible below the drain line. Signs of line damage may also include standing water in areas outside the home or business; sinks and toilets will often drain slower than usual and you could see an erratic rise and fall of water levels in the toilet.

If you notice any of these issues, it’s important to contact VFP Plumbing quickly. If you wait too long, the problem can worsen and even become toxic.

At VFP Plumbing, we have the equipment required to see exactly where the problem is occurring, and we can quickly repair or replace drain lines that are affected.

Signs that the drain line needs to be repaired or replaced include:

  • Water backup in sinks
  • frequently changing water levels in toilets
  • Sewer odor
  • Influx of pests
  • Gurgling sound as water drains
  • Slow drainage
  • Abundance of silt in storm water pipes
  • Evidence of moisture under drain lines

Our plumbing professionals can repair your lines efficiently and quickly to minimize the damage that can occur from a busted or leaky line. We understand that plumbing problems can’t wait and if you have noticed any of the previously mentioned warning signs, contact our team to get your plumbing problem fixed.


“I wanted to compliment your company on its timely response and professionalism… It is a truly good feeling to know there is still a spirit of customer satisfaction.”

Scott E. Williams

Underground water and sewer repairs

Having problems with your main sewer line? Problems can take months and months to build up to something that is noticeable — but once it happens, immediate action should be taken.

Some warning signs that precede all-out disaster include:

  • Bad smell coming from drains
  • Odd, gurgling noises from pipes
  • Slow drains
  • Standing water in the yard or extra
  • green/lush patches of grass
  • Indented lawn
  • Foundation cracks
  • Influx of rodents

One of the most common warning signs that something has gone awry is when the toilet backs up. When the wrong solids are flushed down the toilet (like diapers or sanitary napkins), total blockage will result. It takes a certified plumber to determine exactly where the blockage has occurred.

Broken sewer main repair and replacement

An underground plumbing issue can be quite intimidating, but at VFP Plumbing we are prepared for all projects big and small. We can locate the affected pipes with our video camera line inspection technology and we can often make repairs underground without digging trenches.

Underground water and sewer repairs are most commonly associated with:

  • Tree roots – Since roots naturally seek out a water source, it’s not uncommon for them to stretch into a sewer line, bursting through it and causing many problems.
  • Drastic temperatures – The ground actually shifts when the temperatures rise and fall, which can result in a subsequent shifting of underground water and sewer lines, causing extensive damage.
  • Age – The use of chemicals to clear out clogs can lead to wear and tear on the surface of old lines. Years of this, as well as the natural wear on old lines, can cause issues that require replacement or repair.

Shifting and frozen soil can lead to broken, offset, collapsed or cracked sewer mains. Repairing these mains requires underground work, some of which may be completed with a trenchless approach.

Sewer mains can become blocked with grease or an obtrusive buildup of any foreign matter, including tree roots. Corrosion is sometimes the culprit, or it might be a leaking joint. In some situation, the pipes are constructed with substandard material that fails to hold up to a harsh environment.

Whether it’s wasted water for your home or downtime for your business, every moment matters and delays can be costly — plumbing problems increase over time. Our experienced professionals will address any issue and offer a solution that will take care of your plumbing needs. If you need reliable plumbing help, get in touch with us.

Emergency sewer & drain services and repairs

Plumbing problems can come on suddenly with little to no indication that a problem existed. As is the case with any emergency, once the issue is noticed, quick action is required. Fortunately, VFP Plumbing is available around the clock to address any emergency sewer and drain repairs that are needed.

Our well-trained professional plumbing experts will clean and repair any sewer or drain issue, fast and reliably. Because we’re available 24/7, even during holidays, a plumbing emergency doesn’t have to wait.

By using of the best and newest technology, VFP Plumbing can guarantee minimal disruption as we address the emergency issue at hand. We won’t leave until the job is done to our clients’ satisfaction, even in the most demanding environments.

We are available for a variety of emergency services, from issues with your fire prevention systems to residential or commercial plumbing needs, including:

  • Pipe repair
  • Leak detection
  • Toilet repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Jet-rodding
  • Tankless water heater repair
  • Re-piping
  • Main line sewer repair

Our team of plumbing experts is trained and experienced in many different areas of sewer repair service. Don’t hesitate; give us a call at the first sign of a sewer clog, sewer backup, sewer odor or any kind of sewer trouble.

It doesn’t stop there … we can do much, much more!

If you haven’t found the needed plumbing repair or installation service in the list above, feel free to contact us using the contact button on the left side of this page, or call us at (630) 761-3168.


Emergency Response & Service

When a sprinkler system or plumbing crisis occurs, you want it dealt with fast, but you also want it fixed the first time. Valley Fire Protection does both!

The Illinois Department of Public Health has certified VFP Plumbing as compliant with state provisions, rules and regulations, and has licensed us as a certified plumbing contractor. We are commercial fire protection and plumbing experts with the required skills to design, install and repair a variety of fire protection and plumbing systems.

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