Types of Special Hazard Fire Protection

Special hazard fire protection is a term used for fire protection systems that use methods alternative to your typical water fire sprinkler systems. Sometimes there is a better choice than a standard system for certain areas because of specific risks in that environment. Water can sometimes damage valuable items stored in your facility or risk spreading a fire involving chemicals and fuels. So, what types of special hazard fire protection systems are out there?


A deluge special hazard fire protection system differs in that all the sprinkler heads open at once. A standard wet system only opens and flows locally over the fire where the heat has activated the system. These systems can use water or other agents to douse the fire. It is effective in hazardous areas because of its ability to overwhelm the fire with fire suppressing agents. These are for places like oil refineries, chemical plants, and other industrial businesses.

Clean Agent

Clean agents use agents other than water that are safe for people and the environment. These are for areas where water can cause costly damage, such as server rooms. Often a clean agent special hazard fire protection consists of gas that will deprive the fire of oxygen. FM-200 is a halon replacement that works quickly and does not require clean-up. Inert gas suppression is another option but decreases cardiac and mental distress for those inside the low oxygen areas.

Foam Systems

A foam special hazard fire protection system works just as it sounds. These systems use a foam substitute to suppress the fire. Foam systems are commonplace in areas that require smothering the fuel. Examples of its use is in aircraft hangers, fuel transfer stations, and flammable and combustible liquid storage facilities. The systems use foam in lieu of Water as most of the protected liquids are not water miscible and would propagate further issues and cleanup. Water can spread the fire in these situations, and foam substances that will smother the fire are a lot more effective.

Valley Fire Protection & Plumbing can design and install a special hazard fire protection system for your facility and give it the protection it needs. We have highly skilled engineers and technicians that can ensure peace of mind that your property is protected.

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