Valley Fire is Quell Certified!

Valley Fire proudly announces its Quell certification!

We have partnered with Tyco/Johnson Controls, to offer Quell Fire Sprinkler Systems to our valued customers. But why and when do you need a Quell-designed Fire Sprinkler System?

Quell Fire Sprinkler Systems are specifically designed for cold storage, outdoor, and unheated warehouse facilities. Unlike traditional systems, Quell sprinkler systems work without expensive antifreeze – preventing leaks and/or damage to storage commodities. Furthermore, Quell ceiling-only coverage eliminates costly in-rack sprinklers, providing greater flexibility in storage arrays.

Quell systems offer fire protection for class I, II, III, and most group A plastic commodities. They have the lowest installation and maintenance costs in the industry, and have an exceptional 10-year limited warranty.

Valley Fire Protection is Quell Certified, ensuring your installation will be done right the first time! For more information on Quell Fire Sprinkler Systems, visit the link below or call us today!

Quell Fire Sprinkler Systems

Valley Fire is proud to be a member of the Global Cold Chain Alliance.

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