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Only the most trusted and reputable plumbing professionals should tackle jobs that require extensive knowledge of water heaters. There are a number of risks involved with water heater repair and replacement, and VFP Plumbing has team members who are knowledgeable about all of them. Whether it’s routine maintenance/inspection, repair or replacement, emergency or non-emergency, we have the expertise to tackle any water heater services.

Water heater repair and installation services

Among the more costly plumbing components of any home or business is the water heater. While many of the common problems with heaters can be repaired, a leaking tank signifies that the unit needs to be replaced.

Some of the other common signs that you need to have your water heater inspected, repaired or replaced include:

  • Strange noises, often from the sound of sediment burning or the unit deteriorating, signifying a need for a cleaning or replacement
  • Water fails to heat, which could be a heating element malfunction
  • Water heats, but not to the volume that it once did
  • Water is too hot, which could be a thermostat issue
  • Water is discolored or has foul odor, which could be a water source problem or a tank/anode rod problem
  • A boiling sound, which signals that there is a dangerous pressure buildup that needs emergency assistance

When you contact VFP Plumbing for water heater services, we won’t let your unreliable unit disrupt your home or business. Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Tempering, which ensures the plumbing appliances throughout a structure receive water at the right temperatures
  • Regular service plans to ensure that all components of the heater are working correctly
  • Heating element replacement
  • Burner assembly cleaning and repair
  • Leaking valve repair
  • Water heater installation

Types of water heaters

VFP Plumbing installs and services all types of water heaters, including:

  • Tankless water heater – Never run out of hot water with a tankless system, which can save money on energy costs while saving space by heating water on demand.
  • Electric water heater – Electric systems require less space than gas, are less expensive to install than gas and require no exhaust system.
  • Atmospheric vent – Also called direct vent, this type of water heating system can save on heating costs in the long run but requires a vertical venting system for the exhaust.
  • Power vent – The blower system on a power vent disburses exhaust horizontally, which allows the heater to be installed in areas where a vertical exhaust system isn’t an option.

A broken or malfunctioning water heater in your building is more than a simple inconvenience. No matter what the problem is, our technicians will walk you through possible solutions.

Tankless water heater installation

While tankless water heaters are smaller than other types of water heaters, they require a great deal of experience and expertise to install correctly. VFP Plumbing has installed many of these systems, which use less energy, take up less space and last five to ten years longer than other types of water heaters. These space-saving units can be installed in attics, basements, crawlspaces and closets.

Electric water heater installation

Electric water heaters are generally more efficient than gas heaters, which is one of the main reasons they are popular with clients today. Gas heaters must continuously burn a pilot light, which is not considered an efficient practice.

While some gas heaters have a pilot light that can be extinguished when not in use, not all clients have the time or energy to manage their water heaters to this degree and much prefer the low maintenance of an electric unit. Electric heaters do not require an exhaust system as there are no fumes from burning gas, and they can be installed in smaller spaces than gas units.

The installation costs associated with electric heaters are lower than those associated with gas. Electric heaters also have a longer average life span than gas units, usually lasting from 10 to 14 years.

Gas water heater installation

Gas has a reputation for heating water faster than electric heaters. However, they are known to suffer heat loss, which is why they aren’t as efficient as electric. The upside is that should the electricity go out, you’ll still have hot water. The average gas water heater lasts around 13 years, whereas electric ones have a life expectancy of around 14 years.

Benefits of a new water heater

Old water heaters are typically inefficient, which means they cost more to heat, day-in and day-out. While most will wait for their water heater to fail before replacing it, removing an antiquated unit and replacing it with a new model has many advantages.

Newer units are built to conserve water and feature better insulation, which means lower fuel costs. Older models are constructed with outdated materials that reduce efficiency, particularly in maintaining a constant water temperature. While the monthly savings gained by installing a new heater might seem small, they add up quickly.

Safety is also a huge factor in replacing an old unit. Water heaters have literally been known to explode due to gas leaks or excessive water pressure. Older units are more prone to these malfunctions, which is another excellent reason to contact VFP Plumbing today and talk to us about your water heater needs.

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Licensed plumbing contractors

When you notice signs of rust and debris in your hot water, or you hear a rumbling sound or find water collecting in the pan below your heater, it’s time to call a licensed plumbing contractor.

At VFP Plumbing, we’re licensed, insured and experienced in repairing and replacing heaters. Regardless of the type of water heater we’re installing, we have the expertise needed to safely replace your old water heater and get you up and running with a state-of-the-art unit in very little time.

It doesn’t stop there … we can do much, much more!

If you haven’t found the needed water heater repair or installation service in the list above, feel free to contact us at (630) 761-3168


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