What is a 5-Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection?

Managing a property means a lot of maintenance, and the fire sprinklers should be high on the priority list. A 5-year fire sprinkler inspection is a vital part of maintaining your fire sprinkler system, but what exactly does it entail? Getting your system inspected is the best way to ensure that your sprinkler system is ready when you need it and will help you find deficiencies to repair all in an effort to keep it in working order. So what is a 5-year fire sprinkler inspection?

5 Year Obstruction Test

Every five years, a fire sprinkler system is required to have a more in-depth inspection than your typical annual inspection. Certified professionals look at the condition on the inside of your systems pipes, and they ensure no blockage would disrupt the water flow. A few other deficiencies, such as corrosion, rust, sediment, and other contaminations, are identifiable during this test. Fire sprinkler technicians will open the system, and if material is obstructing the pipe, more in-depth investigation is conducted at the system valve, riser, cross main, and branch line. If obstructions are found during the 5-year fire sprinkler inspection, the system needs a flush to clear the pipe.

5 Year Check Valve

Another component of the 5-year fire sprinkler inspection is the check valve. The check valve holds back system pressure for things like the Fire Department Connection. Every five years, a certified professional is required to ensure that the check valve is in good working condition. They should be cleaned and repaired as needed and replaced when the time comes. The certified professional will check for corrosion and obstructions to the check valve as well.

Gauges and FDC Hydro Tests

The gauges on your system should also be changed every five years. In some cases, a recalibration is an option, but it is generally better to replace them. As we mentioned in the previous section, the Fire Department Connection (FDC) is something else checked during your 5-year fire sprinkler inspection. The Fire Department Connection is where the fire department can connect their hose.

The NFPA and the Code governing it “NFPA 25” mandates these tests for good reason. Obstructions can build up in your system in a short time, even in new systems. That is why it is important to have your system inspected, and clear anything that could prevent your system from protecting your property. Give Valley Fire Protection & Plumbing a call to set up your 5-year fire sprinkler inspection.

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