Winter Fire Protection Tips

By: Tom Hartel

It is time for the heat to come on and get cozy! However, winter fire protection is still important to keep in mind. With all the extra heating elements and decorating for the holidays, comes some fire hazards to be aware of. Take a few necessary winter fire protection precautions at home or at the office to avoid a fire.


While it is getting colder outside, you want more heat inside. Half of all heating fires happen in the months of December, January, February. When talking about winter fire protection, first things first, never use the oven or stove to heat your home. If you want just a little more heat in a small area this is when you pull out the space heater. Space heaters, however, should come with some stringent warnings. Keep objects a minimum of 3 feet away. If you leave the room or are going to sleep turn off the heater. It should never be left unsupervised. Look for heaters with an automatic shut off, not all space heaters have this feature. This way, if it tips, it should shut itself off as a basic and extremely necessary safety measure.

Holiday Decorations

Candles do make lovely decorations but during the winter months, candle fires spike. December is the leading month for candle fires out of the year. Candles should be kept at least a foot away from flammable objects. Do not burn candles if you are likely to fall asleep. Like space heaters, they should never be left unsupervised or within reach of small children or pets. If you leave the room blow them out.

Another winter fire protection tip for around the holidays is to keep live Christmas trees well watered to prevent drying out. A dry Christmas tree is extremely flammable and is dangerous to keep lit for too long. Make sure your tree is not standing too close to any heat sources.


Relaxing by the fireplace is one of the coziest things you can do in the winter! But remember, it can also be dangerous. Keep a few winter fire protection tips in mind when it comes to the fireplace. Before you start the fire, make sure your damper is completely open, and don’t close it again until the ashes have cooled. While the fire is lit, keep a metal or tempered glass screen closed to prevent any runaway logs. Put the fire completely out before going to bed or leaving the house. If you are using a wood-burning stove keep the door closed and only open it to add more wood or stoke the fire. And lastly, the theme of this post, keep flammable objects away.

These things are meant to keep you cozy and it is hard to imagine that they can turn deadly. Just be sure to take a few winter fire protection precautions to minimize the risk of a fire at your home or office. If you need service on your fire protection system, call Valley Fire Protection & Plumbing.

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By: Tom Hartel
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