How to Thaw Frozen Plumbing

First, there is a lot that can go wrong if you thaw frozen plumbing incorrectly. So get a professional to do it! Do not leave it to thaw on its own because it is likely to burst and flood your home. A flood in your home can be disastrous, with costly repairs and extensive damage. If you need a quick fix now, here are a few ways you can try to thaw frozen plumbing yourself.

Finding the Frozen Pipe

A frozen pipe is not usually visible from the outside. But you know your pipes are frozen because water is not coming out of the faucet. If it is just that one faucet, the freeze is somewhere along that line. You could have a freeze in the mainline if none of your faucets are getting any water. On exposed pipes, you can find the frozen spot by feeling the plumbing for cold spots. Plumbing usually freezes in unheated areas such as crawlspace. So when you need to thaw frozen plumbing these are good places to start looking.

Applying Heat

The first step is turning on your faucets. Nothing will come out at first, but when you start applying heat, the water will need somewhere to go, and running water helps speed the process along. Once the water starts flowing, you will know that you have found your freeze. A few household items you can use to heat your plumbing include: an electric heating pad, hairdryer, space heaters, or towels with hot water. Never use an open flame! Things like blow torches and lighters are a no go. Make sure that the pipe has no leaks. You may not notice a leak until you start to thaw frozen plumbing. If you notice a leak, get it fixed right away.

Why You Should Have Professional Thaw Frozen Plumbing

If the pipe bursts, you do not want to flood your home. Pipes expand as they freeze, and when you thaw them, you may not see the leak until the water is flowing again. Replace any leaky pipes. If they burst, it can lead to some costly damage. The frozen pipe may be hard to reach, and additional measures are required. In this case, you should consult a plumber about your issue. If your plumbing seems to freeze regularly, you should ask a plumber about a more permanent fix. If you want to reduce your risk of severe damage have a professional thaw frozen plumbing.

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