Post-Holiday Drain Cleaning

The holidays are unfortunately long over, but your home may still be feeling the effects. While the last straggling decorations are coming down, there is something else you may want to do for your home. A post-holiday drain cleaning is a good idea, especially if you hosted! Clean out all the goo that has accumulated over the last couple of months (and let’s face it, it’s probably been longer than that since you deep cleaned your drain)! But why is a post-holiday drain cleaning encouraged? Here are a few good reasons.

Clear Odors and Remove Health Risks

With the holidays, more food than usual probably went down the garbage disposal. This can sometimes lead to a funky smell coming from your disposal. With all the excess food scraps from guests, food particles can start to build up. These lead to clogs composed of rotting food, which will cause an odor. A post-holiday drain cleaning, including getting your drain rodded, is your best bet for getting rid of food clogs.

When your plumbing clogs, it is the perfect breeding ground for dangerous molds. The spores are not only bad for your health but can also contribute to the bad smell coming from your drain. They produce a musty smell. Often the source of the smell is too hard to reach without professional tools.

Avoiding a Bigger Disaster

If you leave a clog to grow for too long, you can cause some serious damage to your plumbing. Cleaning the pipes will help reduce the pressure on the lines. It could even help get rid of some mystery noises coming from the pipes. If corrosive materials get blocked up in the clog, it could damage the pipes as well. This would be a much costlier repair later. A post-holiday drain cleaning will be helpful in the long run. Save yourself the hassle of broken pipes and floods.

Getting a post-holiday drain cleaning may also help you avoid the dreaded sink back up. After increased traffic to your plumbing due to the holidays, your likelihood of the sink backing up just went up. Getting your drain cleaned will help you now, as well as increase the lifespan of your plumbing. Getting your pipes cleaned now is less expensive than pipe replacement down the line.

With that in mind, could your drains use a post-holiday drain cleaning? We can help! Contact Valley Fire Protection & Old World Plumbing to schedule a drain rodding. Getting your drain rodded will help get those deep clogs that are hard to reach.

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By: Tom Hartel
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