Summer Plumbing Maintenance and Services

With all the summer fun, of course, comes maintenance like the never-ending yard work. But do not neglect your plumbing! Summer plumbing maintenance may not be the first thing on your mind as you head to the pool or the barbeque down the street, but some things make more sense to do during the warm months. Here are a few suggestions to add to your summer plumbing maintenance checklist.

Septic and Sewer System Check

Summer is a good time to have your septic system inspected. Inspectors will remove the cover of the tank and check the water levels inside. These inspections will reveal if you need to have it pumped and cleaned. If you need to pump the system, a septic tank professional will remove all liquid and solid material into a pumping truck and break up scum in the tank. All septic tank work must be done by a licensed professional. Don’t wait until there is a problem to have your system inspected either.

Checking the sewer is another good thing to have on your summer plumbing maintenance checklist. A video inspection can show if you have tree roots infiltrating your sewer, or if there are problematic cracks in the pipe. Regularly snaking the sewer to clear any obstructions is the best way to ensure you do not have a sewer backup.

Outdoor Lawn Sprinklers and Their Backflow Preventers

Summertime is also when your lawn irrigation systems get the most use. Check the sprinklers and hoses for signs of damage. Long cold winters can cause damage to more than just the roads. Many lawn sprinkler systems also have a backflow preventer. These prevent contaminated water from flowing back into clean drinking water. Backflow preventers should be inspected annually by a certified professional. Because it needs to be done every year be sure to include it on your summer plumbing maintenance list or a year from when you last got it inspected.

Common Clogs

Clogs are a year-round occurrence, so keep up regular drain cleaning maintenance during the summer. Keep putting hot water and our favorite baking soda and vinegar mixture into drains to keep them clear before there is a problem. Let’s face it if your drains are well stuck, vinegar is not going to help. Clogs, however, seem to be inevitable, so call a plumber to help.

Washing Machine Malfunctions

If you enjoy the outdoors during the summer, dirt, mud, and sand are just part of the package. Your washing machine might get more of a workout during the summer months. That is why adding your washing machine to your summer plumbing maintenance checklist makes sense. Clean out the drain pump filter if your washing machine has one. It might also be time to clean the lint out of your dryer vent. If left to accumulate, lint in your dryer is a huge fire hazard.

Do you need help with your summer plumbing maintenance? Some things, like sewer rodding, should be left to the professionals. Valley Fire Protection & Plumbing can help you with your plumbing situation.

By: Tom Hartel
I acquired my expertise by directing day-to-day operations of the business for over 20 years. Continuous hard work helped me become a nationally recognized speaker and expert on fire protection, fire sprinklers, special hazards, and plumbing systems. In this blog, I share my knowledge that will hopefully help you make better decisions for your projects.


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