What is a Water Mist Fire Protection System?

As it sounds, a mist fire protection system uses finer water droplets than its standard counterpart. The design is best for places looking to reduce water damage. So, how do these systems work? Also, what are the pros and cons of a water mist fire protection system over a standard system?

How Does A Mist Fire Protection System Work?

When a fire activates the system, special nozzles create finer water droplets and employ mist on the fire area. The droplets from a mist fire protection system are roughly one-fifth of the size of standard sprinkler’s water droplets. The mist is still able to control or extinguish a fire, much like a standard system. It limits the oxygen to the fire and cools the temperature. Two of the three essential elements (heat, oxygen, and fuel source) required to keep a fire going are restricted. When the droplets evaporate, they turn to steam and absorb heat. The steam reduces the temperature of the fire faster. Many industries use this system as an alternative to gas and standard water systems.

However, a mist system’s effectiveness depends on the characteristics of the system in comparison to the fire itself. Spray density and droplet size work differently depending on how much ventilation the fire gets and how big it is. However, there are some notable advantages of a mist fire protection system. Some of these advantages include minimized water damage, higher efficiency, more environmentally friendly, and non-toxic suppression.

Types of Water Mist Systems

Furthermore, there are different pressure options for a mist fire protection system. High-pressure mist systems have advantages over others like improved fire coverage, cooling, and penetration. Professionals will design the system and help determine what fire suppression systems will suit your needs. Of course, water mist systems need to have the correct flow rates and pressure for your setup. To reach their full potential, install these systems in confined spaces to use steam effectively.

Industries that Use Water Mist Systems

A water mist fire protection system is suited to a range of industries. As an example, they are effective on electrical fires and places that hold valuable items or historical artifacts because they cause minimal water damage. Additionally, water mist systems are used in some areas that require special hazard protection where traditional fire sprinklers are not an option. Mainly, it depends on what your building contains. It is a cost-effective way of protecting valuable assets.

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