Why Does My Toilet Clog Frequently?

If a toilet clog has become a regularity in your life, take a deeper look into what the cause could be. Spare yourself having to deal with the clog whenever you go to the bathroom. There are a few common causes for a reoccurring toilet clog. Some are easy changes you can make to your disposal habits, and others like a sewer backup may need a more invested solution. These are just a few of the potential issues.

Old Toilet Model

Do you know how old your toilet is? Toilet models, like anything else, can be outdated. Some older models do not have a good enough pressure to meet your needs. When the toilet is unable to flush properly, it can leave things behind to buildup and clog. If that is the case, replace your toilet with something more modern that can withstand daily use. Replacing the toilet is the surest way to prevent a future toilet clog. A new toilet does not mean a higher water bill. There are plenty of modern low-flow toilets that conserve water and do not have you reaching to call the plumber so often.

Clogs Due to Improper Disposal

Only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet. Kids have been known to flush things they are not supposed to now and then, which usually ends in a toilet clog. However, adults can improperly dispose of items as well. Hygiene products like wipes may say flushable on the package, but don’t do it! Q-tips, feminine hygiene products, and cotton balls are another thing that gets flushed too often. They may seem small and harmless but can do some serious damage to your plumbing.

Believe it or not, too much toilet paper can also cause you trouble. Excessive amounts of toilet paper will not dissolve properly and get stuck in our pipes. Keep that in mind next time you use the bathroom. Too much and too thick of a ply may be causing your toilet clog. Use less paper and fold instead of balling it up.

Sewer Lines Clogged

Sometimes, the clog is in your home’s sewer line. Usually, you will see problems in all the toilets in your home if this is the case. Tree roots, sewer line breaks, or other infiltrations are common causes of a sewer backup. It is difficult to fix this on your own without a professional. If you leave a sewer line problem unfixed, you will keep experiencing that toilet clog because of the inability of the sewer line to move waste.

Valley Fire Protection & Plumbing can help you investigate the issue and give you the long-term solution you need. Do not put up with a frequently clogging toilet any longer than you must.

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By: Tom Hartel
I acquired my expertise by directing day-to-day operations of the business for over 20 years. Continuous hard work helped me become a nationally recognized speaker and expert on fire protection, fire sprinklers, special hazards, and plumbing systems. In this blog, I share my knowledge that will hopefully help you make better decisions for your projects.


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