Valley Gets a Perfect Contractor Score

Top Contractor Score Award 2017/2018

Valley Fire just received a perfect score from a well-regarded independent contractor rating agency.

Valley Fire has been awarded the top Contractor Score for 2017/2018. With 2500 being the highest score a company can achieve, this shows that Valley Fire has less probability of default or significant failures on current work.


The Contractor Score is an empirical tool derived from the contractor’s documented and verified information. It is based on objective calculations without subjectivity or bias. The main goal of Contractor Score is to provide a concise gauge whereby customers may evaluate the short-term liquidity and management capacity of the contractor relative to its own needs. It is not a bond nor guarantee of performance. The emphasis is on liquidity, working capital, leverage and profitability of the most recent fiscal year and fiscal quarter as it relates to the existing backlog. Available funds contributing to the liquidity may be internal or external.